UGADI – Indian New Year

UGADI – such a meaningful name, which means Yugada Aadi (beginning of the year)

It’s a popular cultural festival celebrated by Hindus specially in South India. According to the ancient Hindu calendar it is the month of April beginning when the actual New Year begins. The intention of this festival is that, All human kind lives will be filled with happiness and difficulties which is welcomed and felt through the celebration of eating Neem and jaggery. To understand that Neem which is bitter by taste and jaggery which is sweet by taste, same way our life will be a mixture of both sweet i.e happiness and bitter i.e difficulties, it’s all upto us to experience them and how to overcome.

On this special eve, people take a nice oil bath, prepare a rope tied with mango leaves and decorate their home with neem, flowers etc. As a part of their tradition they prepare Naivedyam( which is an offering) to God and pray for the goodness of their lives. When it comes to Naivedyam it is all about Holige or Obbattu which is a sweet prepared out of Maida(all-purpose-flour), lentils, jaggery, coconut. Ultimately after prayers enjoying the traditional lunch with all family gatherings comes to an end of the festive day.


PS: If you are interested to know the entire recipe of Obbattu or Holige and other special Indian dishes of Ugadi, pls go through my other post too. Thankyou.

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